South Edwardsburgh Community Centre
24 Sutton Dr.
Johnstown Ontario
  • Councillor Chris Ward
  • Mayor Tory Deschamps
  • Deputy Mayor Stephen Dillabough
  • Councillor Joe Martelle
  • Councillor Waddy Smail
  • Rebecca Crich, Clerk
  • Candise Newcombe, Deputy Clerk
  • Wendy VanKeulen, Community Development Coordinator
  • Sean Nicholson, Treasurer
Others Present
  • Rachael Porter, Recreation Coordinator

Councillor Ward called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

The Chair noted that the items listed on the agenda will be shifted down to accommodate members from Alantra Leasing Inc. as the first delegation of the meeting. 

  • Moved by:T. Deschamps
    Seconded by:J. Martelle

    That the agenda be approved as amended to add an additional delegation specifically a presentation from Alantra Leasing Inc. and that the remaining delegation items be renumbered.


Committee was provided with an outline of company operations which included 3 divisions; rentals, panels, and modular builds. The proposed development is to accommodate a climate-controlled distribution and maintenance location, which will facilitate the indoor fabrication of materials. Mr. de Winter highlighted the many benefits of controlled indoor fabrication of panels which included controlled circumstances and expedited development timelines.  

Committee welcomed Alantra Leasing Inc. to the Township's industrial park area. 

Mr. Prosser provided Committee with a brief overview of the programming to date and outlined the future goals of the program. Mr. Prosser reviewed grants received to date per municipality, available programming, past programming participation, and future rounds of grants/programming potentially available. 

Committee noted their support of the programming and confirmed the continued onboarding of new businesses within the Township.  

Mr. Sandler provided a brief summary of the Community Meeting held in Johnstown on November 1. There was discussion regarding the following: road standards for emergency response vehicles, community benefits of the proposed program, local job creation, the public consultation process, clarified Independent Electricity System Operators (IESO) pre-qualification standards, land lease agreement terms, and collaboration efforts between Baseload Power and the Township Fire Department to implement a site-specific safety plan. 

The timeline of support was clarified and it was noted that a draft resolution of municipal support would be discussed later on the agenda. 

Mr. Annable introduced a development proposal for an additional 16-18 units on the property and requested municipal support for the use of an unopened road allowance adjacent to the property to help meet site requirements. Discussion was held on the possibility of a future land use agreement, the use of road allowance as emergency egress, the possible implementation of a 6m pathway for emergency allowance, the benefits of paving the emergency egress area, the proximity of the garbage depot to neighbouring residential uses and previous attempts to purchase land from an adjacent owner.

Committee discussed the following: community benefit payment amounts, concerns with the sustainability of the proposed business model, and the approval process following receiving municipal support through the draft resolution. 

Committee directed staff to continue working with the proponent to update the draft resolution to include the community benefit fund amounts. 

  • Moved by:T. Deschamps
    Seconded by:S. Dillabough

    That Committee recommend that Council support the draft motion for the Baseload Power Battery Energy Storage Project, and that the motion include additional information from Baseload Power regarding the Community Benefit Fund contribution amounts.  


Committee reviewed the report and discussed potential impacts of losing the road allowance, limitations to future development in the area, concerns regarding emergency exits, and addressing possible issues through the site plan control process. 

Committee was provided with a summary of the report and discussed the following: the severity of the current OP wording, provincial guideline requirements, hydrogeological (hydro-G) study policies of Rideau Lakes, reducing red tape for development, land study requirements for lot sizes under and over 0.4 ha, the severance application process, study costs, and the risk mitigation process proposed should the hydro-g study no longer be a requirement.  

Committee suggested deferring discussion to the December Committee of the Whole- Administration and Operations meeting, and requested that staff provide a report on conditions/criteria where the hydrogeological study is procedurally required. 

Committee was provided with a summary of the report and discussed the financial reporting requirements of community groups and identified the overseeing body of not-for-profit groups and their financial reporting requirements.  

The Chair highlighted that this is the final Community Development meeting of 2023, and thanked committee members and staff for all of their work. 

  • Moved by:T. Deschamps
    Seconded by:S. Dillabough

    That Committee does now adjourn at 9:14 p.m.

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